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AMOS Operating system


AMOS Command Files User's Manual (159k) DSO-00071-00, Rev. 00
AMOS System Commands Reference Manual (1580k) DSO-00043-00, Rev. 18*
AMOS System Operator's Guide, System Ini Command File (186k) DSO-00002-00, Rev. 03
AMOS System Operator's Guide (963k) DSO-00001-00, Rev. 03
AMOS User's Guide (692k) DSO-00042-00, Rev. 02

Developer Tools/Languages

AlphaC 2.0 User's Guide (131k) DSO-00205-00, Rev. 00
AlphaC 2.0 Release Notes (8k) DSS-10514-00, Rev. A01
AcuCOBOL-85 2.3A Release Notes (36k) DSS-10541-00, Rev. A00
AMOS Assembly Language Programmer's Reference Guide (348k) DSO-00052-00, Rev. 02
AlphaBASIC User's Manual (656k) DSS-10073-00, Rev. A05*
AlphaBASIC PLUS User's Manual (709k) DSO-00045-00, Rev. 04
AlphaBASIC PLUS 1.0(269) Release Notes (176k) DSS-10556-00, Rev. A00
AlphaBASIC Addendum for Versions 1.4 and Later (21k) DSO-00047-00, Rev. 02
AlphaBASIC XCALL Subroutine User's Manual (470k) DSO-00066-00, Rev. 08
AlphaMENU User's Manual (443k) DSS-10044-00, Rev. A01
AlphaODBC 1.4 Release Notes (28k) DSS-10624-00, Rev. A00*
AlphaODBC Installation Guide (336k) DSM-00225-10, Rev. A02*
AlphaODBC Developer Guide (4290k) DSM-00225-20, Rev. A00*
AMIGOS 1.1 Release Notes (91k) DSS-10342-00, Rev. A00
AMIGOS Graphics Operating System Reference Manual (631k) DSO-00058-00, Rev. 01
GRAPH Presentation Graphing System Reference Manual (434k) DSO-00059-00, Rev. 01
AMOS File Locking User's Manual (123k) DSO-00044-00, Rev. 04
AlphaFIX User's Manual (207k) DSO-00017-00, Rev. 02
ISAM System User's Guide (1670k) DWM-00100-06, Rev. C01*
ISAM PLUS User's Manual (374k) DSO-00012-00, Rev. 02
AM-100/L Instruction Set Manual (8430k) DSS-10006-00, Rev. A03*
AMOS Monitor Calls Manual (1210k) DSO-00040-00, Rev. 10
AMOS Terminal System User's Guide (692k) DSS-00096-00, Rev. A01
AlphaXED User's Manual (385k) DSO-00106-00, Rev. 01
Overview of ESP (63k) DSO-00176-00, Rev. 00
ESP Installation Instructions (27k) DSO-00169-00, Rev. 02
ESP Programmer's Manual (624k) DSO-00180-00, Rev. 01
ESP 2.1 (B01) Release Notes (33k) DSS-10418-00, Rev. B00
SEDIT User's Guide (276k) DSO-00178-00, Rev. 03
TrueGUI Developers Guide (1810k) DSM-00228-00, Rev. A08*
TrueGUI Help (2870k) DSM-00228-10, Rev. A04*
TrueGUI Client Installation Instructions (1500k) DSM-00228-11, Rev. A05*
USAM UNIX Style Access Method (128k) DSO-00019-00, Rev. 00

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