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The Cardinal™ USB Dongle

 Conveniently Install AMOS™ On Virtually Any Modern Windows XP® PC Alpha Micro is pleased to announce the availability of the Cardinal, a new donglestyle Application Processor which provides much of the functionality of the SuperFalcon™ card, off of a USB port. And laptop compatibility is only the beginning…


A Windows look for AMOS

The wait is over. Alpha Micro is pleased to announce the debut of a product family to help you conveniently and rapidly add a Windows appearance, behavior, and functionality to your AMOS application software.


A New Era of Performance and Upgradeability Begins Today
With a quantum performance leap over the AM-7000, the new AM-8000 offers an outstanding, dramatic real world performance boost to all AMOS users. This new system delivers the largest hardware performance increase over any single generation of Alpha Micro upgrade ever! Upgrade FAQ


Alpha Micro Products proudly announces the initial release of AlphaODBC, another big step in enhancing AMOS® and Windows® integration. This important tool for the AMOS community is the first in a series of releases that significantly benefit AMOS users by allowing data to be exported and imported into well-known, powerful products such as Microsoft Excel® and Crystal Reports®.

 Eagle 800 

With a dramatic performance leap over earlier midrange Alpha Micro systems, including the immediate predecessor Eagle 250 and 450 systems, the new Eagle 800 provides an enticing entry level server for new AMOS users, and a compelling upgrade for existing AMOS sites.

Field Service

Looking for field service for your Alpha Micro? Several companies nationally can send a technician to your office. Call Alpha Micro Tech Support at (800) 487-7877 or e-mail us at support@alphamicro.com with your location, and we'll direct you to the best vendor for your area.

At Alpha Micro Products, one of our missions is to provide high-performance, top-quality computer hardware and system software — including the AMOS operating system. Leading edge technology using the latest in processor power, networking, and storage management drives Alpha Micro Products hardware. And the application software makes the difference in delivering the maximum benefits of a multi-user business computer.

That application software comes from experts whose own business depends on creating the best solutions for yours. Those experts are Alpha Micro Products' Value Added Resellers, a network of specialists in many markets. They provide complete solutions, including Alpha Microsystems computers, as well as applications. Typical solutions offered by our VARs include:

• Accounting systems
• Medical and dental practice management
• Pharmacy management
• Insurance applications
• Computer-aided dispatch for 9-1-1 systems
• Fund-raising management
• Equipment rental
• School administration
• Interconnection between PCs and AMOS systems
• Distribution systems for products such as:
• Auto parts
• Liquor
• Office products
• Tires