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Section Index

AM-9000/Large Systems
Developer Tools/Languages
Disk Drives/Tape Drives
Cardinal USB Dongle / Falcon / SuperFalcon
Hardware Documentation
Marketing Bulletins
Marketing Data Sheets
Miscellaneous Hardware
Miscellaneous Software
Office Automation and Utility Software
Operating Systems
Software Documentation
Starr Computer Systems Documentation
Third Party Software Documentation
U.A. Systems Documentation
VAR Tech Advisories
VersiCOMM Documentation

Marketing Bulletins


Announcing the AM-9000 Server System AMB2011-01* (642k)
Introducing the Eagle 900 AMB2011-02* (505k)
Technical Support Plans For 2011 AMB2011-03* (50k)
Introducing the Eagle 760 AMB2011-04* (316k)
New Alpha Micro Price List Available AMB2011-05* (50k)


Technical Support Plans for 2010 AMB2010-01* (149k)


Technical Support Plans for 2009 AMB2009-01* (60k)
Alpha ODBC 1.4B Released AMB2009-02* (101k)
AMOS 8.1 (March 2009) Update DVD Now Available AMB2009-03* (121k)
Internal SAS RAID Products Introduced AMB2009-04* (105k)
Low Cost Internal SATA-2 RAID Level 1 Product Announced AMB2009-05* (124k)
Windows 7 Now Available and Supported AMB2009-06* (179k)
New DVD-RAM Backup Option for 68000 Series Systems AMB2009-07* (162k)


Announcing the AM-8000 Series III AMB2008-01* (104k)
Introducing the Eagle 800 Series III AMB2008-02* (99k)
Introducing the Eagle 750 Series III AMB2008-03* (36k)
DVD-RAM Price Decrease AMB2008-04* (31k)
Technical Support Plans for 2008 AMB2008-05* (26k)
Updated Alpha Micro Price List Available AMB2008-06* (26k)
Eagle 800 Price Correction / Decrease AMB2008-07* (32k)
Blu-ray, Serial I/O, Tape Drive, and Terminal Changes AMB2008-08* (29k)


Introducing the Cardinal USB Dongle AMB2007-01* (156k)
Cardinal Dealer Demonstration Special AMB2007-02* (28k)
AMOS 8.1 (Feb. 2007) Update CD Now Available AMB2007-03* (36k)
Technical Support Plans For 2007 AMB2007-04* (24k)
Assembly Language Programming Services Announced AMB2007-05* (32k)
Cardinal Now Windows Vista Compatible AMB2007-06* (27k)
Backup Devices to Complement the Cardinal AMB2007-07* (62k)
Introducing Blu-ray for AMOS AMB2007-08* (32k)
. New Backup Software Command Reference Sheets:
. -- BDRES Command Reference Sheet (45k)
. -- DBD Command Reference Sheet (13k)
. -- DIRBD Command Reference Sheet (16k)
. -- MAKBD Command Reference Sheet (28k)


AMOS 8.1 (Jan. 2006) Update CD Now Available AMB2006-01* (86k)
AlphaODBC 1.4 Released AMB2006-02* (87k)
Direct NTFS File Access For LightningBASIC AMB2006-03* (90k)
Technical Support Plans for 2006 AMB2006-04* (78k)
d/Soft Products Available for AMOS 8.x and AMPC 7.0 AMB2006-05* (89k)
TrueGUI Demo with Source Code Available AMB2006-05* (147k)
Eagle 800 and Eagle 800LC Pre-Built Inventory Program AMB2006-07* (78k)
TrueGUI Wiki and Developer's Guide Available AMB2006-08* (245k)
AMOS Re-PIC Coding Administrative Fees AMB2006-09* (40k)
Opteron 256 and New Chassis for AM-8000 AMB2006-10* (132k)
Enhanced DVD-RAM Software and Hardware AMB2006-11* (115k)
Alpha Micro Pays For Your Mailings AMB2006-12* (87k)
RoHS Compliance AMB2006-13* (83k)


Electronic Waste Recycling Fees on Computer Monitors & Terminals (California Only) AMB2005-01* (84k)
TrueGUI Dealer Meeting Update AMB2005-02* (85k)
Updated VAR Price Lists Available AMB2005-03* (83k)
TrueGUI Dealer Meeting Update AMB2005-04* (95k)
Technical Support Plans for 2005 AMB2005-05* (78k)
Price Increase on AM-65 Terminals AMB2005-06* (78k)
Announcing the AM-8000 Series II AMB2005-07* (341k)
Introducing the Eagle 800 Series II AMB2005-08* (94k)
LightningBASIC 1.0 and AMOS 8.1 Introduced AMB2005-09* (107k)
TrueGUI Dealer Meeting Draws A Crowd AMB2005-10* (204k)
Test Drive Offer Enhanced AMB2005-11* (86k)
TrueGUI Officially Introduced AMB2005-12* (245k)
New AM-82 Thin Client Introduced AMB2005-13* (148k)
Announcing AMPC 7.0 AMB2005-14* (99k)
TrueGUI Status Update AMB2005-15* (1854k)
AM-8000 Series II Updated AMB2005-16* (88k)


Spare Parts Available For AM-8000 And Eagle 800 AMB2004-01* (78k)
Technical Support Plans For 2004 AMB2004-02* (78k)
Low Cost Internal IDE RAID Level 1 Product Announced AMB2004-03* (159k)
Rack Mount And Fault Tolerant Power Enhancements For AM-8000 And Eagle 800 Systems AMB2004-04* (199k)
Virus Immunity & AMOS 8.0 - A Significant Sales Advantage AMB2004-05* (86k)
Special VAR Programs (Domestic) AMB2004-06* (77k)
New Eagle 750 Server Released AMB2004-07* (98k)
AlphaLAN Back In the Alpha Micro Product Catalog AMB2004-08* (167k)
AMOS 8.0 Update CD Now Available; Lightning BASIC Ready For Beta Testers AMB2004-09* (101k)
AlphaFAX 2.1 Announced AMB2004-10* (84k)
AM-80 Thin Client Family Modernized AMB2004-11* (107k)
Service Contract Commission Program Expanded AMB2004-12* (78k)
Dealer-to-Dealer Marketing Assistance Announced AMB2004-13* (78k)
Announcing TrueGUI AMB2004-14* (828k)


Innovative Programs to Assist VARs Launched AMB2003-01* (198k)
The Historic Names Return: Alpha Microsystems and AMB2003-02* (204k)
Technical Support Program for 2003 AMB2003-03* (77k)
SuperVUE PICs and Support Available AMB2003-04* (116k)
AM-8000 Server System Introduced AMB2003-05* (561k)
Announcing the Eagle 800 AMB2003-06* (354k)
New Alpha Micro BBS Introduced AMB2003-07* (248k)
Improved DVD-RAM Drive And PCI Serial Cards AMB2003-08* (83k)


New AM-80 Thin-Client Terminal Introduced AMB2002-01 (33k)
New Product Announcement: DVD-RAM AMB2002-02 (26k)
Technical Support Policies Enhanced for 2002 AMB2002-03 (32k)
Update: AM-80 Thin-Client Terminal with Web Browser AMB2002-04 (32k)
Product Announcement: AMPC 5.0 AMB2002-05 (28k)
Important Product Announcement: The SuperFalcon AMB2002-06 (211k)
4.3GB Wide Disk Drive Discontinuation AMB2002-07 (193k)
New AlphaCD Now Available AMB2002-08* (201k)
Marketing Assistance & Test Drive Offer AMB2002-09* (197k)
AlphaODBC Initial Release Available AMB2002-10* (214k)
New RAID Subsystems Announced AMB2002-11* (314k)


Doing Business with Alpha Microsystems AMB2001-01 (16k)
Your Protection Against Lost or Damaged Shipments AMB2001-02 (16k)
Granddaddy Contest Winner AMB2001-03 (46k)
Eagle 250LC Announced AMB2001-04 (23k)
AM-447 RAID Subsystem Introduced AMB2001-05 (74k)
AM-65 Terminal Update: Availability & Pricing Changes AMB2001-06 (15k)
Technical Support Policies for 2001 AMB2001-07 (15k)
Memory SIMM Change for Coldfire Based Systems AMB2001-08 (16k)
1.2GB Narrow SCSI Disk Drive Discontinuation AMB2001-09 (26k)
A New Era for Alpha Micro AMB2001-10 (32k)
Alpha Micro's New Commitment to Marketing AMB2001-11 (15k)
New Product Announcement: Intelligent Reboot Box AMB2001-12 (22k)
New Product Announcement: The Fastest Disk Drive Ever on AMOS AMB2001-13 (23k)
Product Pre-Announcement: AlphaODBC AMB2001-14 (76k)
Product Pre-Announcement: AMPC 5.0 AMB2001-15 (25k)
New Product Announcement: 40 & 60 GB Stremer Tape Drives AMB2001-16 (25k)
Alpha Micro Has A New Home AMB2001-17 (19k)
AM-447 RAID Subsystem Update AMB2001-18 (46k)


Our AMOS Business to be Alpha Microsystems Once Again AMB2000-01 (20k)
Marketing Bulletin Index - 1998 and 1999 AMB2000-02 (70k)
AlphaLAN++ 7.1 Now Available AMB2000-03 (68k)
Announcing STEP++ 7.1 AMB2000-04 (26k)
Announcing LiTE 7.1 AMB2000-05 (26k)
AM-990 Chassis: Notice of Last Time Buy AMB2000-06 (20k)
New Directions At Alpha Micro AMB2000-07 (58k)
Reseller Policies for the Year 2000 AMB2000-08 (14k)
AM-314 - Notice of Last Time Buy AMB2000-09 (16k)
Linux Available from Alpha Micro for AlphaDIRECT PCs AMB2000-10 (37k)
Marketers On the Move at Alpha Micro AMB2000-11 (17k)
AM-7000 Business System Announced AMB2000-12 (226k)
New Value for the AM-6000 AMB2000-13 (42k)
Who's Your Granddaddy? AMB2000-14 (16k)
AlphaTCP 1.5A Now Available AMB2000-15 (17k)
Alpha Micro Technical Support: Data Recovery Service AMB2000-16 (22k)
New Minimum Order Policy Announced AMB2000-17 (17k)
AM-7000 Now Shipping! AMB2000-18 (24k)
Alpha Micro Hires New VP of Sales AMB2000-19 (19k)
Training, Anyone? AMB2000-20 (18k)
Price Change: AM-65 Terminals AMB2000-21 (16k)
Special Deal for Eagle 100 systems! AMB2000-22 (16k)
New AlphaCD Scheduled for End of June Release AMB2000-23 (20k)
Last Time Buys: AM-362, RR Mtg Kits, Eagle 550 AMB2000-24 (17k)
Announcing the Eagle 250 with ColdFire AMB2000-25 (25k)
New Eagle 250 Details & Pricing AMB2000-26 (106K)
Price Change: AM-65 Terminals AMB2000-27 (17k)
SCSI Disk Update - November 2000 AMB2000-28 (30K)


Marketing Bulletin Index for 1998 AMB99-01 (19k)
Alpha Microsystems to Become AMB99-02 (22k)
Reseller Policies for 1999 AMB99-03 (15k)
SCSI Disk Breakthrough for SASI Systems AMB99-04 (20k)
Eagle 450:The First 100 Days of Coldfire AMB99-05 (36k)
AlphaLAN++ - New Power In PC Connectivity for the AMOS World AMB99-06 (48k)
Rent-to-Prove Y2K Verification Program Announced AMB99-07 (40k)
SCSI Disk & Tape Update - March 1999 AMB99-08 (12k)
PIC Encodements: Meeting the Challenge in '99 AMB99-09 (24k)
Dimension Board Trade-in Program Announced AMB99-10 (17k)
New 4.3GB Disk Drive Offers Outstanding Price / Performance AMB99-11 (18k)
AlphaTCP 1.4A Now Available AMB99-12 (28k)
Eagle 100TX Terminal Server Shipping Now AMB99-13 (71k)
Eagle 100NX Network Server Reannounced AMB99-14 (36k)
Installing a Falcon Under the Microsoft Windows NT Operating System AMB99-15 (23k)
Climbing the Power Curve - Part 1 of 2 AMB99-16 (49k)
AMOS Looking Good on New Corporate Web Site AMB99-17 (70k)
SCSI Disk Update - May 1999 AMB99-18 (28k)
Product Rollout: AMOS Terminal Emulators AMB99-19 (34k)
Climbing the Power Curve - Part 2 of 2 AMB99-20 (35k)
SCSI Disk Update - June 1999 AMB99-21 (51k)
E-Commerce Site Now Open for AMOS Dealers AMB99-22 (14k)
Eagle 450 Data Sheet Available AMB99-23 (14k)
New AMOS Software Price List Available AMB99-24 (14k)
AlphaTCP 1.5 -- New Era in AMOS Networking AMB99-25 (126k)
Eagle 450TX Terminal Server Anounced AMB99-26 (48k)
Progress Report #7 on Year 2000 Readiness AMB99-27 (40k)
Eagle 100MX AMOS General Server AMB99-28 (117k)
AlphaFORTRAN: Hardware Compatibility Alert AMB99-29 (17k)
AM-90 Lightning Upgrade for AM-318 Board AMB99-30 (16k)
Memory Update -- October 1999 AMB99-31 (20k)
Update on Uninterruptible Power Systems AMB99-32 (80k)
Announcing CD-Recording for AMOS Systems AMB99-33 (73k)
Closing In On Y2K: We Need Your Help AMB99-34 (28k)
Customer Support Millennium Holiday Coverage AMB99-35 (31k)
Updated AMOS Hardware Price List Available AMB99-36 (16k)
100BaseT Networking for AMOS Systems AMB99-37 (55k)
Update on AM-446 RAID Subsystems AMB99-38 (71k)


Marketing Bulletin Index for 1997 AMB98-01 (26k)
SCSI-2 Disk Update-January 1998 AMB98-02 (35k)
Progress Report #2 on Year 2000 Compliance AMB98-03 (29k)
New Wide SCSI Versatility--Shipping Now AMB98-04 (44k)
New 8-Port Serial I/O Card Announced AMB98-05 (46k) AMB98-06 (174k)
Announcing the AM-6060 Network Server AMB98-07 (214k)
Lower Prices for Backup Tape Drives AMB98-08 (24k)
Repositioning the AM-4000 AMB98-09 (25k)
Reseller Policies for FY 1999 Announced AMB98-10 (23k)
Progress Report #3 on Year 2000 Compliance AMB98-11 (32k)
AMOS-ONLINE Partners Page AMB98-12 (40k)
Millenium Value: A New Cost-Effective Program for Older AMOS Systems AMB98-13 (31k)
New 10BaseT Ethernet Adapter Available AMB98-14 (27k)
AM-6060 Dealer Demo/Development Deal Announced AMB98-15 (23k)
SCSI Disk Update — May 1998 AMB98-16 (35k)
Year 2000 Compliance Questionnaire AMB98-17 (36k)
Beta Test Begun for New Y2K Software AMB98-18 (26k)
Announcing the Roadrunner 040 Q2 Special AMB98-19 (28k)
AM-629 Tape Streamer Announced AMB98-20 (34k)
New Mag Tape Software Announced AMB98-21 (29k)
AMUS '98 AMB98-22 (26k)
Remote Reset Adapter Available AMB98-23 (25k)
Information About Metropolis AMB98-24 (23k)
Progress Report #4 on Year 2000 Compliance AMB98-25 (31k)
Announcing the Eagle 450 AMB98-26 (657k)
New AMOS Hardware Price List Available AMB98-27 (25k)
All Aboard for AMUS 98! AMB98-28 (26k)
Maps for AMUS 98 AMB98-29 (25k)
Notice of Product Discontinuance AMB98-30 (27k)
Progress Report #5 on Year 2000 Compliance AMB98-31 (35k)
Rod Hewitt’s First Look at the Eagle 450 AMB98-32 (48k)
New Versatility for AlphaFAX Announced AMB98-33 (56k)
Eagle 450 -- Shipping Now AMB98-34 (34k)
New Alpha Micro Products and Technology Showcased at AMUS '98 AMB98-35 (71k)
AM-368-10 Internal MAU: Not Recommended for Desktop AM-1600 AMB98-36 (27k)
AlphaFAX 2.0 and AlphaFAX 2.0 Plus -- Available Now AMB98-37 (45k)
Terminal Server Systems from Alpha Micro AMB98-38 (42k)
Progress Report #6 on Year 2000 Readiness AMB98-39 (28k)
Advance Exchange Update Program AMB98-40 (25k)
Last-Time Buy on AM-75 Color Terminal AMB98-41 (23k)
SCSI Disk Update - December 1998 AMB98-42 (40k)


AMOS 1996 Marketing Bulletin Index AMB97-01 (15k)
SCSI-2 Disk Update-January 1997 AMB97-02 (33k)
Keyboards for AM-65 and AM-75 Terminals AMB97-03 (13k)
New AMOS Software Utility FMTS2 Announced AMB97-04 (20k)
AlphaDIRECT Data Sheet Available AMB97-05 (11k)
Reseller Policies for FY1998 Announced AMB97-06 (10k)
Update to AMSO Maintenance Contract Commission Program AMB97-07 (11k)
Eagle 300 to 500 Upgrade Program Announced AMB97-08 (19k)
AM-76 Shipments Temporarily Suspended AMB97-09 (10k)
Announcing the Roadrunner 060! AMB97-10 (155k)
Roadrunner 060 System Performance Overview AMB97-11 (69k)
Eagle 100LC Announced AMB97-12 (25k)
Product Release Announced for Roadrunner 060 and AM-6000 AMB97-13 (23k)
Test Drive the Roadrunner 060 AMB97-14 (19k)
Update Program for AM-359 Cards and AM-319-20 System Boards AMB97-15 (11k)
AMOS 2.3A Available AMB97-16 (23k)
AM-PC 4.2A Available AMB97-17 (66k)
AlphaLAN 6.2 Available AMB97-18 (22k)
STEP 6.2 Available AMB97-19 (20k)
AlphaTCP 1.3C Available AMB97-20 (16k)
Announcing the PASCO Program AMB97-21 (30k)
AM-6000 Trade-in Program: Open for Business AMB97-22 (12k)
New Memory Pricing Announced AMB97-23 (11k)
Please Send Us Your E-mail Addresses AMB97-24 (10k)
AM-6000: The First Hundred Days AMB97-25 (23k)
AM-650 Tape Streamer Announced AMB97-26 (10k)
New AMOS Price List Available AMB97-27 (10k)
AM-90 Lightning Board Announced AMB97-28 (55k)
AlphaTCP 1.4 Announced AMB97-29 (14k)
26 Gigabyte 1/4" Tape Streamer Released AMB97-30 (38k)
AM-6000 Successes With Large Metropolis Systems AMB97-31 (28k)
Important VAR Tech AdvisoryAbout AMOS 2.3, 2.3A, and AM-PC 4.2A AMB97-32 (23k)
Progress Report on Year 2000 Compliance AMB97-33 (25k)
New Pricing for Super Eagle AMB97-34 (28k)
SCSI Disk Update-October 1997 AMB97-35 (36k)
Price Changes: AM-65 and AM-75 Terminals AMB97-36 (23k)
ColdFire-A New Generation of Processing Power for the AMOS World AMB97-37 (114k)
AM-6000 Data Sheet Available AMB97-38 (10k)
AM-362 Ethernet News AMB97-39 (13k)
First Alpha Micro AM-6000 Installed in Canada AMB97-40 (28k)
AM-446 RAID Subsystem Announced AMB97-41 (70k)
Your Protection Against Lost or Damaged Shipments AMB97-42 (24k)


AMOS 1995 Marketing Bulletin Index AMB96-01 (15k)
Marketing Bulletins on the Web AMB96-02(11k)
AlphaTCP 1.3A Now Available AMB96-03(35k)
AlphaDDE 1.1 Now Available AMB96-04(19k)
Super Eagle Upgrade Kit Now Available AMB96-05(31k)
New Reseller Policies Announced AMB96-06(10k)
AlphaLAN 6.1 Available AMB96-07(22k)
STEP 6.1 Available AMB96-08(14k)
SCSI Disk Update AMB96-09(27k)
Prices Increases for Video Terminals AMB96-10(11k)
New AMOS Software Price List Available AMB96-11(10k)
New Eagle Data Sheet Available AMB96-12 (10k)
May We Ask Your Advice? AMB96-13(10k)
New Super Eagle Jumbo Configuration AMB96-14(38k)
System Configuration Guide AMB96-15(95k)
AM-76 AMOS Terminal Adapter AMB96-16 (42k)
More Summer Madness AMB96-17(17k)
SCSI-2 Disk Update AMB96-18(27k)
New DAT Tape Drives Available AMB96-19(37k)
New Access to 1/2-inch Mag Tape AMB96-20(19k)
AlphaDIRECT AMB96-21(11k)
AlphaDDE 1.2 Now Available AMB96-22(13k)
AM-905-30 I/O Expansion Chassis AMB96-23(26k)
Inventory Close-out on PCs AMB96-24(56k)
Notice of Product Discontinuance AMB96-25(11k)
Report to the AMOS VAR Community AMB96-26(11k)
One Year, On-Site Warranty for AlphaDIRECT PCs AMB96-27(11k)
Turnkey Factory Install for AlphaDIRECT Networks-- Free! AMB96-28(11k)
Hot New Bundles: AlphaDIRECT PCs with Built-in Falcons AMB96-29 (11k)
Electronic Document Updating AMB96-30(11k)
AM-905-30 I/O Expansion Chassis Announced AMB96-31(11k)
Getting Ready for the RoadRunner 060 AMB96-32(11k)
SCSI-2 Disk Update - August 1996 AMB96-33(11k)
SCSI-2 Disk Update - September 1996 AMB96-34(11k)
AlphaCONNECT, New Problem-solving Power for AMOS Users AMB96-35(11k)
New Memory Pricing Announced AMB96-36(10k)
540MB SCSI-2 Disk Drives -- Special Update AMB96-37(16k)
New Look for Alpha Micro Terminals AMB96-38(16k)
AMOS 2.3 Released AMB96-39(28k)
New Falcon Software-AM-PC 4.2 Released AMB96-40(17k)
New Licensing Plan for STEP Announced AMB96-41(18k)
Alpha Microsystems Corporate Brochures AMB96-42(12k)
SCSI-2 Disk Update - November 1996 AMB96-43(32k)
AlphaCONNECT StockVue Preloaded on Compatible AlphaDIRECT PCs AMB96-44(12k)
AMOS 2.3 - Feedback From the Pros AMB96-45(18k)
New AMOS Price List Available AMB96-46(10k)
AlphaDIRECT PCs - Good Products, Priced Right, Selling Well AMB96-47(23k)
New Version of AM-366 Ethernet Controller Announced for AM-1600 Systems AMB96-48(12k)
Alpha Micro Winter Carnival Sale Announced AMB96-49(12k)

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Marketing Data Sheets

TrueGUI Data Sheet* (1146k)
Cardinal Data Sheet* (266k)
Eagle 760 Business Computer System Data Sheet* (169k)
Eagle 900 Business Computer System Data Sheet* (182k)
AM-9000 Business Computer System Data Sheet* (190k)
Eagle 750 Series III Business Computer System Data Sheet* (76k)
Eagle 800 Business Computer System Data Sheet* (245k)
AM-8000 Business Computer System Data Sheet* (219k)
Eagle 250 Business Computer System Data Sheet (46k)
Eagle 450 Business Computer System Data Sheet (46k)
AM-7000 Business Computer System Data Sheet (46k)
Eagle Business Computer System Data Sheet (619k)
SuperFalcon Multi-User Application Processor Data Sheet (201k)
Falcon Application Processor Data Sheet (44k)
AM-80 Thin-Client Terminal Data Sheet* (222k)
AMOS Operating System Data Sheet (1637k)
inSight Data Sheet (57k)
AlphaDDE Data Sheet (70k)
AM-65 Monochrome Terminal Data Sheet (1018k)
AM-75 Color Terminal Data Sheet (785k)
AM-445 RAID Subsystem Data Sheet (574k)
AM-950 Business Computer Data Sheet (982k)
AM-1600 Business Computer System Data Sheet (898k)
AM-4000 Business Computer System Data Sheet (1121k)

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VAR Tech Advisories

Alpha Micro VAR Tech Advisories Introduction AMB95-35 (5k)
Bypassing TRMSER w/ Virtual Connections VTB95-01 (8k)
Ethernet AUI Cable Kit Installation Instructions VTB95-02 (2k)
SuperSort Update VTB95-03 (7k)
Correct Placement of SMEM Within AMOSL.INI Files VTB95-04 (7k)
Date Display Problem in AMOS 2.3, 2.3A, and AM-PC 4.2A VTB97-01 (30k)
AlphaBASIC PLUS Rounding Problem in AMOS 2.3A and AM-PC 4.2A VTB97-02 (24k)
Advisory About Tape Backup on Alpha Micro Computers VTB98-01 (26k)
Advisory About Higher Capacity Memory SIMM Compatibility with AM-7000s VTB01-01 (17k)
A Great FTP Client for PCs on an AMOS System: Web Drive VTB01-02 (21k)
Real-Time Credit Card Charging for AMOS: SuperCharge VTB01-03 (14k)
Your AMOS System As an EMAIL Server VTB02-01 (19k)
Intelligent Voice Response Systems For AMOS VTB02-02 (107k)
SSL Encryption for the AMOS Web Server VTB02-03* (92k)
Secure Your AMOS Telnet Sessions With SSH Encryption VTB02-04* (90k)
New DDE Programming Interface Technology VTB03-01* (80k)
Caller ID PopUps & Automatic Phone Dialing for AMOS VTB03-02* (38k)
Eagle 800 Power Supply Advance Exchange Service VTB05-01* (30k)
How AMOS Counts Its Port License VTB06-01* (33k)
COM Port vs. AM-113/359 Port Pinouts VTB06-02* (45k)
"AM-113 Board 0 Was Not Detected" Error Clarification VTB06-03* (24k)
Delegate Opens Up AMOS TCP/IP Possibilities VTB08-01* (24k)
Important AMOS Update for TrueGUI Users VTB08-02* (13k)
Multi and Metropolis Updates Required for AMOS 8.1 VTB09-01* (58k)
USB Port Settings for Cardinal and Eagle 750 Users VTB09-02* (317k)
Create PDF Files Directly From AMOS Applications VTB10-01* (295k)
New Support Policies Announced for 2000 TAC00-01 (29k)

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Software Documentation

Operating Systems

AM-PC 4.0 Release Notes (128k) DSS-10518-00, Rev. A01
AM-PC 4.0A Release Notes (111k) DSS-10542-00, Rev. A00
AM-PC 4.2 Release Notes (42k) DSS-10549-00, Rev. A02
AM-PC 4.2A Release Notes (52k) DSS-10582-00, Rev. A01
AM-PC 5.0 Release Notes (817k) DSS-10617-00, Rev. A03*
AM-PC 7.0 Set Up Instructions (1943k) DSS-10617-20, Rev. A00*
AM-PC 7.1 Set Up Instructions (2150k) DSS-10617-30, Rev. A02*
Falcon Owner's Manual (511k) DSO-00190-00, Rev. 03
SuperFalcon Owner's Manual (1060k) DSO-00224-00, Rev. 03*
AMOS 1.4 Release Notes (125k) DSS-10367-00, Rev. A00
AMOS 1.4A Release Notes (10k) DSS-10458-00, Rev. A00
AMOS 1.4C Release Notes (154k) DSS-10505-00, Rev. A00
AMOS 1.4E Release Notes (67k) DSS-10592-01, Rev. A01
AMOS 1.X to 2.3 Upgrade Compatibility Information (125k) DSS-10408-00, Rev. A03
AlphaCD 10/96 Release Notes (29k) DSS-10566-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 6/97 Release Notes (17k) DSS-10577-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 12/97 Release Notes (28k) DSS-10590-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 6/98 Release Notes (18k) DSS-10597-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 10/98 Release Notes (35k) DSS-10599-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 04/99 Release Notes (35k) DSS-10606-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 10/99 Release Notes (32k) DSS-10609-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes (32k) DSS-10614-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCD 08/2002 Release Notes (38k) DSS-10618-00, Rev. A00*
AMOS 8.0 CD Update 05/2004 Release Notes (67k) DSS-10618-80, Rev. A01*
AMOS 8.0 CD Update 10/2004 Release Notes (70k) DSS-10618-81, Rev. A00*
AMOS 8.1 CD Update 05/2005 Release Notes (209k) DSS-10618-82, Rev. A01*
AMOS 8.1 CD Update 01/2006 Release Notes (165k) DSS-10618-83, Rev. A01*
AMOS 8.1 CD Update 02/2007 Release Notes (59k) DSS-10618-84, Rev. A00*
AMOS 8.1 DVD Update 10/2008 Release Notes (68k) DSS-10618-85, Rev. A02*
AMOS 8.2 January 2011 Release Notes (62k) DSS-10618-87, Rev. A00*
AMOS 2.3 Release Notes (166k) DSS-10555-00, Rev. A00
AMOS 2.3A Release Notes (92k) DSS-10572-00, Rev. A02
Special Notice: Eagle 450 Software Installation (11k) DSS-10603-00, Rev. A00
Important Notice: AMOS 2.3A Patch #1 (11k) DSS-10588-00, Rev. A00
AMOS Command Files User's Manual (159k) DSO-00071-00, Rev. 00
AMOS System Commands Reference Manual (1580k) DSO-00043-00, Rev. 18*
AMOS System Operator's Guide, System Ini Command File (186k) DSO-00002-00, Rev. 03
AMOS System Operator's Guide (963k) DSO-00001-00, Rev. 03
AMOS User's Guide (692k) DSO-00042-00, Rev. 02
Super I/O Product Support Kit for AMOS 2.2C (24k) DSS-10539-00, Rev. A00
Task Manager Installation and User's Guide (193k) DSS-10010-00, Rev. B00
Spawning Task Manager Spooler Information Sheet (29k) DSS-10610-00, Rev. A02

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Developer Tools/Languages

AlphaC 2.0 User's Guide (131k) DSO-00205-00, Rev. 00
AlphaC 2.0 Release Notes (8k) DSS-10514-00, Rev. A01
AcuCOBOL-85 2.3A Release Notes (36k) DSS-10541-00, Rev. A00
AMOS Assembly Language Programmer's Reference Guide (348k) DSO-00052-00, Rev. 02
AlphaBASIC User's Manual (656k) DSS-10073-00, Rev. A05*
AlphaBASIC PLUS User's Manual (709k) DSO-00045-00, Rev. 04
AlphaBASIC PLUS 1.0(269) Release Notes (176k) DSS-10556-00, Rev. A00
AlphaBASIC Addendum for Versions 1.4 and Later (21k) DSO-00047-00, Rev. 02
AlphaBASIC XCALL Subroutine User's Manual (470k) DSO-00066-00, Rev. 08
AlphaMENU User's Manual (443k) DSS-10044-00, Rev. A01
AlphaODBC 1.4 Release Notes (28k) DSS-10624-00, Rev. A00*
AlphaODBC Installation Guide (336k) DSM-00225-10, Rev. A02*
AlphaODBC Developer Guide (4290k) DSM-00225-20, Rev. A00*
AMIGOS 1.1 Release Notes (91k) DSS-10342-00, Rev. A00
AMIGOS Graphics Operating System Reference Manual (631k) DSO-00058-00, Rev. 01
GRAPH Presentation Graphing System Reference Manual (434k) DSO-00059-00, Rev. 01
AMOS File Locking User's Manual (123k) DSO-00044-00, Rev. 04
AlphaFIX User's Manual (207k) DSO-00017-00, Rev. 02
ISAM System User's Guide (1670k) DWM-00100-06, Rev. C01*
ISAM PLUS User's Manual (374k) DSO-00012-00, Rev. 02
AM-100/L Instruction Set Manual (8430k) DSS-10006-00, Rev. A03*
AMOS Monitor Calls Manual (1210k) DSO-00040-00, Rev. 10
AMOS Terminal System User's Guide (692k) DSS-00096-00, Rev. A01
AlphaXED User's Manual (385k) DSO-00106-00, Rev. 01
Overview of ESP (63k) DSO-00176-00, Rev. 00
ESP Installation Instructions (27k) DSO-00169-00, Rev. 02
ESP Programmer's Manual (624k) DSO-00180-00, Rev. 01
ESP 2.1 (B01) Release Notes (33k) DSS-10418-00, Rev. B00
SEDIT User's Guide (276k) DSO-00178-00, Rev. 03
TrueGUI Developers Guide (1810k) DSM-00228-00, Rev. A08*
TrueGUI Help (2870k) DSM-00228-10, Rev. A04*
TrueGUI Client Installation Instructions (1500k) DSM-00228-11, Rev. A05*
USAM UNIX Style Access Method (128k) DSO-00019-00, Rev. 00

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AlphaDDE Programmer's Guide (361k) DSO-00208-00, Rev. 00
AlphaDDE 1.0 Release Notes (28k) DSS-10545-00, Rev. A00
AlphaDDE 1.1 Release Notes (104k) DSS-10552-00, Rev. A00
AlphaDDE 1.2 Release Notes (14k) DSS-10559-00, Rev. A00
AlphaNET 2.3 Installation Guide (316k) DSO-00064-00, Rev. 02
AlphaNET 2.3 Programmer's Manual (179k) DSO-00065-00, Rev. 02
AlphaNET 2.3 User's Guide (278k) DSO-00063-00, Rev. 02
AlphaNET 2.3 Release Notes (39k) DSS-10500-00, Rev. A00
AlphaNET 2.4 Installation Guide (199k) DSO-00064-00, Rev. 05
AlphaNET 2.4 Programmer's Reference Manual (187k) DSO-00065-00, Rev. 03
AlphaNET 2.4 User's Guide (272k) DSO-00063-00, Rev. 03
AlphaNET 2.4 Release Notes (51k) DSS-10536-00, Rev. A00
AlphaNET PC Gateway Installation Instructions (152k) DSS-10499-00, Rev. A00
AlphaNET/PC 3.1 Release Notes (192k) DSS-10498-00, Rev. A01
AlphaNET/PC 3.2 Release Notes (218k) DSS-10537-00, Rev. A00
AlphaTCP 1.3 & 1.3A Release Notes (53k) DSS-10547-00, Rev. A01
AlphaTCP 1.3B Release Notes (7k) DSS-10564-00, Rev. A00
AlphaTCP 1.3C Release Notes (8k) DSS-10576-00, Rev. A00
AlphaTCP 1.4 Release Notes (15k) DSS-10584-00, Rev. A00
AlphaTCP 1.4A Release Notes (13k) DSS-10604-00, Rev. A00
AlphaTCP 1.5 Release Notes (16k) DSS-10608-00, Rev. A01
AlphaTCP 1.5A Release Notes (19k) DSS-10613-00, Rev. A00
AlphaTCP User's Guide (314k) DSO-00181-00, Rev. 09*
AlphaTCP Administrator's Guide (690k) DSO-00187-00, Rev. 13*
E3270 Display Station Emulator (93k) DSO-00061-00, Rev. 01
inSight/am Programmer's Reference Guide (877k) DSO-00188-00, Rev. 02
inSight 2.0 Release Notes (36k) DSS-10532-00, Rev. A00
Getting Started With AlphaCONNECT (536k) DSS-10557-00, Rev. 00
AlphaCONNECT Messenger Installation Instructions (5k) DSS-10560-00, Rev. A00

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Office Automation and Utility Software

SuperSort User's Guide (136k) DSO-00195-00, Rev. 01
Addendum to SuperSort User's Guide (30k) DSS-10540-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCALC Reference Book (568k) DSO-00082-00, Rev. 00
AlphaCALC Installation and Administrator's Guide (256k) DSO-00086-00, Rev. 00
AlphaCALC Programmer's Information (147k) DSO-00091-00, Rev. 00
AlphaCALC Tutorial (525k) DSO-00166-00, Rev. 00
AlphaCALC 2.0 Release Notes (119k) DSS-10319-00, Rev. A00
AlphaCALC 2.0 PR10/98 Release Notes (11k) DSS-10602-00, Rev. A00
AlphaFAX Installation Guide (117k) DSO-00114-00, Rev. 03
AlphaFAX User's Guide (111k) DSO-00115-00, Rev. 03*
AlphaFAX 1.2 Release Notes (11k) DSS-10452-00, Rev. A00
AlphaFAX 2.0 Release Notes (11k) DSS-10598-00, Rev. A00
AlphaMAIL 1.2 Release Notes (11k) DSS-10535-00, Rev. A00
AlphaMAIL 1.2A Release Notes (11k) DSS-10578-00, Rev. A00
AlphaMAIL 1.2B Release Notes (11k) DSS-10600-00, Rev. A00
AlphaMAIL Reference Guide (844k) DSO-10197-00, Rev. 00
AlphaMAIL Administrator's Guide (268k) DSO-10198-00, Rev. 00
AlphaMAIL Installation Guide (200k) DSO-10199-00, Rev. 00
Electronic Mail Driver Programmer's Guide (189k) DSO-00206-00, Rev. A00
MULTI -- A Window Based Environment Manager (432k) DSO-00083-00, Rev. 01
MULTI 2.1 Release Notes (29k) DSS-10492-00, Rev. A00
AlphaVUE User's Manual (293k) DSO-00023-00, Rev. 02
AlphaWRITE 2.1 Release Notes (101k) DSS-10404-00, Rev. A00
AlphaWRITE 2.1A Release Notes (92k) DSS-10423-00, Rev. A00
AlphaWRITE 2.1B Release Notes (87k) DSS-10459-00, Rev. A00
AlphaWRITE 2.1C Release Notes (96k) DSS-10484-00, Rev. A00
AlphaWRITE 2.2 Release Notes (160k) DSS-10544-00, Rev. A00
AlphaWRITE 2.2, PR 12/97 Release Notes (12k) DSS-10589-00, Rev. A00
AlphaWRITE Programmer's Information Manual (407k) DSO-00076-00, Rev. 02
AlphaWRITE Reference Guide (1490k) DSO-00078-00, Rev. 03
AlphaWRITE Installation Instructions (234k) DSO-00151-00, Rev. 03
AMOS Laser Printer Support Software Installation (162k) DSO-00037-00, Rev. 00
AMOS Laser Printer Support Software Release Notes (9k) DSO-00046-00, Rev. 00
OS/EXEC User's Guide (159k) DSO-00108-00, Rev. 00

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Miscellaneous Software

Level 7 Non-Maskable Interrupt Debugger (44k) DSS-10550-00, Rev. B02
SYSXER Diagnostic Software User's Manual (831k) DSO-00141-00, Rev. 04
System Self Test User's Guide (V2.0 and Later) (159k) DSO-00156-00, Rev. 02
System Self Test User's Guide (V3.0 and Later) (188k) DSO-00157-00, Rev. 02
UPS Monitoring Software User's Guide (94k) DSS-10394-00, Rev. A02
UPS Monitoring Software Version 1.3(178) Release Notes (10k) DSS-10601-00, Rev. A00

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Hardware Documentation

Cardinal USB Dongle / Falcon / SuperFalcon

Cardinal USB Dongle Quick Start Guide (24k) DSS-10627-00, Rev. A02*
Falcon AMOS Application Processor Installation (192k) PDI-00113-10, Rev. A01
SuperFalcon Owner's Manual (1060k) DSO-00224-00, Rev. 03*

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Eagle 250 Owner's Manual (361k)DSO-00221-00, Rev. 01
Eagle 250 Installation and Technical Manual (378k) DSO-00222-00, Rev. 01
Eagle 250 Service Manual (744k) DSO-00223-00, Rev. 01
Upgrade Instructions: Eagle 100/200/300 to Eagle 250 (1060k) PDI-00138-15, Rev. A00
Eagle 450 Owner's Manual (267k) DSO-00215-00, Rev. 00
Eagle 450 Installation and Technical Manual (257k) DSO-00216-00, Rev. 00
Eagle 450 Service Manual (685k) DSO-00217-00, Rev. 00
Eagle 750 Owner's Manual (8233k) DSM-00229-00, Rev. A03*
Eagle 760 Owner's Manual (6500k) DSM-00229-00, Rev. A04*
Eagle 800 Series III Service Manual (702k) DSS-10621-03, Rev. A00*
Eagle 800 Series II Service Manual (679k) DSS-10621-01, Rev. A00*
Eagle 800 Service Manual (392k) DSS-10621-00, Rev. A01*
AMOS 8.X Server Owner's Manual (4540k) DSM-00226-00, Rev. B00*
Eagle 800 Series III Specification Summary (20k) DSS-10622-03, Rev. A00*
Eagle 800 Specification Summary (28k) DSS-10622-03, Rev. B00*
Eagle 900 Service Manual (4078k) DSS-10621-10, Rev. A00*
Eagle 900 Specification Summary (28k) DSS-10622-10, Rev. A00*
Upgrade Instructions: AM-1600 or Eagle 100/300/500 to Eagle 450 (1019k) PDI-03500-21, Rev. A00
Eagle Series Computer Owner's Manual (824k) DSO-00196-00, Rev. 04
Eagle Series Computer Specifications (44k) DSS-10511-00, Rev. E00
Eagle Series Computer Service Manual (463k) DSS-10517-00, Rev. B01
Eagle/Roadrunner Configuration Information (201k) PDI-03500-50, Rev. B00
AM-137 Board AM-1600/1400 Upgrade Installation (451k) PDI-00137-50, Rev. A01
AM-137 Four Port I/O Expansion Kit Installation (131k) PDI-00137-90, Rev. A00
Eagle TX Series AMOS Based Terminal Server Technical / Installation Manual (409k) DSO-00218-00, Rev. 01

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AM-9000/Large Systems

AM-9000 Service Manual (4014) DSS-10629-00, Rev. A00*
Specification Summary: AM-9000 Business Server (30k) DSS-10620-10, Rev. A00*
AM-8000 Series III Service Manual (568k) DSS-10628-00, Rev. A00*
Specification Summary: AM-8000 Series III Business Server (21k) DSS-10620-03, Rev. A00*
AM-8000 Series II Service Manual (628k) DSS-10623-00, Rev. A00*
AM-8000 Service Manual (1910k) DSS-10619-00, Rev. A01*
AMOS 8.X Server Owner's Manual (4540k) DSM-00226-00, Rev. B00*
Specification Summary: AM-8000 Computer (27k) DSS-10620-00, Rev. B00*
AM-8000 SCSI "A" Cable Option Installation Instructions (6k) PDI-00440-77, Rev. A00*
AM-7000 Computer Owner's Manual (662k) DSO-00220-00, Rev. 00
AM-7000 Service Manual (649k) DSS-10611-00, Rev. A00
Specification Summary: AM-7000 Computer (21k) DSS-10612-00, Rev. A00
Roadrunner 75 Upgrade Instructions (1030k) PDI-00176-11, Rev. A01
AM-176-12 Board Configuration (299k) PDI-00176-12, Rev. A01
AM-6000 Computer Owner's Manual (474k) DSO-00213-00, Rev. 02
AM-6000 Service Manual (470k) DSS-10579-00, Rev. A02
Specification Summary: AM-6000 Computer (25k) DSS-10580-00, Rev. A01
AM-6060 Computer Owner's Manual (419k) DSO-00214-00, Rev. 00
AM-6060 Service Manual (251k) DSS-10594-00, Rev. A00
Specification Summary: AM-6060 Network Server (19k) DSS-10595-00, Rev. A00
Roadrunner 060 Upgrade Instructions (782k) PDI-00176-10, Rev. A03
AM-4000 Series CPU Board Installation (725k) PDI-00190-00, Rev. A02
AM-990 Universal Enclosure Single Board Computer Owner's Manual (784k) DSO-00162-00, Rev. 01
AM-990 VME System Service Manual (222k) DSS-10523-00, Rev. A00
AM-990 SBC System Service Manual (309k) DSS-10524-00, Rev. A01

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Roadrunner 75 Upgrade Instructions (1030k) PDI-00176-11, Rev. A01
AM-176-12 Board Configuration (299k) PDI-00176-12, Rev. A01
Roadrunner 060 Upgrade Instructions (782k) PDI-00176-10, Rev. A03
Roadrunner 030 and 040 AM-1000/AM-1200 Upgrade Installation (697k) PDI-00172-10, Rev. A03
Roadrunner 030 and 040 AM-1600 Deskside Upgrade Installation (737k) PDI-00172-31, Rev. A01
Roadrunner 030 and 040 AM-1600 Desktop Upgrade Installation (687k) PDI-00172-30, Rev. A06
Roadrunner 030 and 040 AM-2000 6-slot VME Upgrade Installation (555k) PDI-00172-45, Rev. A00
Roadrunner 030 and 040 AM-2000 10-slot VME Upgrade Install (5k) PDI-00172-46, Rev. A01
Roadrunner 030 and 040 AM-2000M Upgrade Installation (873k) PDI-00172-40, Rev. A05
Roadrunner 040 Eagle 100, AM-3000M/LC/VME Upgrade Install (1530k) PDI-00172-60, Rev. A02
Roadrunner 030 and 040 Eagle Upgrade Installation (146k) PDI-03500-00, Rev. B01

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Disk Drives/Tape Drives

SCSI Disk Drives Installation (399k) PDI-00436-20, Rev. A15
SCSI Disk Drives Installation (182k) PDI-00436-21, Rev. A01
AM-212-20 SCSI Floppy Diskette Drive Installation (201k) PDI-00212-20, Rev. A01
AM-402 SCSI CD-Recorder Installation (91k) PDI-00402-00, Rev. A02
CD-RW Drive Operational Notes (6k) PDI-00402-01, Rev. A01
AM-403 SCSI DVD-RAM Installation (115k) PDI-00403-00, Rev. A02*
AM-445 RAID Subsystem Installation (20k) PDI-00445-00, Rev. A01
AM-446 RAID Subsystem Installation (33k) PDI-00446-00, Rev. A01
AM-447 RAID Subsystem Installation Instructions (46k) PDI-00447-00, Rev. A01
AM-532-10 SCSI Adapter Board Installation Instructions (5k) PDI-00532-10, Rev. A00
AM-62X SCSI High-Capacity 1/4" Tape Subsystem Installation (144k) PDI-00625-00, Rev. A12
AM-629 SCSI High-Capacity 1/4" Tape Subsystem Installation (125k) PDI-00629-00, Rev. A01
Warm BOOT Compatibility Notice (6k)DSS-10605-00, Rev. A00
AM-642 Fintec STOP Converter Installation (50k) PDI-00642-00, Rev. A01
AM-647, 648 & 649 Digital Audio Tape (DAT) Drive Installation (347k) PDI-00649-00, Rev. A01
AM-650 High-Capacity 1/4" Streaming Tape Drive Installation (166k) PDI-00650-00, Rev. A00
AM-65X High-Capacity 1/4" Streaming Tape Drive Installation (189k) PDI-00651-00, Rev. A01*
Maxtor 7345S 3 1/2" SCSI Disks (20k) DSS-10509-07, Rev. A00
Quantum Empire 1080S 3 1/2" SCSI Disk (33k) DSS-10509-03, Rev. A03
Quantum Empire 2100S 3 1/2" SCSI Disk (56k) DSS-10509-05, Rev. A03
Quantum Fireball ST 2.1S/SE 2.1S 3 1/2" SCSI-2 Disk Drives (32k) DSS-10509-13, Rev. A02
Quantum Lightning LT365S/LT540S 3 1/2" SCSI Disks (25k) DSS-10509-06, Rev. A00
Quantum Prodrive LPS 270S 3 1/2" SCSI Disk (24k) DSS-10509-00, Rev. A01
Quantum Prodrive LPS 170S 3 1/2" SCSI Disk (22k) DSS-10509-04, Rev. A01
Quantum Prodrive LPS 340S 3 1/2" SCSI Disk (22k) DSS-10509-01, Rev. A01
Quantum Prodrive LPS 540S 3 1/2" SCSI Disk (24k) DSS-10509-02, Rev. A01
Quantum Trailblazer & Fireball 3-1/2" SCSI Disk Drives (24k) DSS-10509-08, Rev. A07*
Seagate Barracuda ST32550N 3 1/2" SCSI-2 Disk (37k) DSS-10509-09, Rev. A02
Seagate Barracuda ST32171N 3 1/2" SCSI-2 Disk (27k) DSS-10509-11, Rev. A03
Seagate Barracuda ST32272N 3 1/2" SCSI-2 Disk (25k) DSS-10509-14, Rev. A02
Seagate Barracuda Wide SCSI-2 Disk Drives (41k) DSS-10509-12, Rev. A05
Seagate Barracuda ST34573N 3 1/2" SCSI-2 Disk (25k) DSS-10509-15, Rev. A01
8.7 & 17.4 GB Wide SCSI Disk Drives (76k) DSS-10509-16, Rev. A14*
4.3 GB Wide SCSI Disk Drives (45k) DSS-10509-17, Rev. A03
15K RPM Wide SCSI Disk Drives (45k) DSS-10509-18, Rev. A02*
Seagate Hawk ST31051N/ST31055N 3 1/2" SCSI-2 Disk (27k) DSS-10509-10, Rev. A01
Diskette Configuration Guide (275k) DSS-10402-00, Rev. A03

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Miscellaneous Hardware

AM-62 Terminal Owner's Manual (6130k) DSM-00062-50, Rev. A00*
AM-80 Thin Client Terminal Installation (25k) PDI-00080-50, Rev. A01*
AM-82 Thin Client Important Notice (11k) PDI-00082-00, Rev. A00*
AM-90 Lightning Board Installation (121k) PDI-00090-00, Rev. A02
AM-219 Diskette Drive Controller Installation (736k) PDI-00219-00, Rev. A01
AM-314 4-port Serial I/O SIMM Installation (512k) PDI-00314-00, Rev. A04
AM-318 8-port Serial I/O SIMM Installation (654k) PDI-00318-00, Rev. A03
AM-318-10 8-port Serial I/O Board Installation Instructions (275k) PDI-00318-10, Rev. A02
AM-333 RJE Paddle Card Installation (145k) PDI-00333-00, Rev. A01
AM-338 RJE SIMM Installation (146k) PDI-00338-00, Rev. A02
AM-341 PC Ethernet Controller Board Installation (200k) PDI-00341-00, Rev. A07
AM-359 8-port Serial I/O Paddle Card Installation (232k) PDI-00359-00, Rev. A01
AM-362 Ethernet Controller Paddle Card Installation (150k) PDI-00362-00, Rev. A02
AM-366 Ethernet SIMM Installation (528k) PDI-00366-00, Rev. A04
AM-366 Modification Instructions for AM-1600 Compatibility (5k) DWI-00366-11, Rev. A00
AM-368 10BaseT Ethernet Adapter Installation Instructions (19k) PDI-00368-10, Rev. A01
AM-370 Ethernet PCI Controller (for Eagle 450 systems)Installation Instructions (96k) PDI-00370-00, Rev. A02*
Narrow to Wide SCSI Upgrade Instructions (210k) PDI-00440-70, Rev. A01
Disk Drive Cooling Fan Assy & Mounting Bracket Installation (13k) PDI-00440-93, Rev. A00
AM-441 Wide SCSI Repeater Installation (97k) PDI-00441-00, Rev. A03*
AM-540 High Performance SCSI Interface Board Installation (335k) PDI-00540-01, Rev. A00
AM-715 4 MB Memory Board for AM-2000M Installation (93k) PDI-00715-00, Rev. A01
AM-740 VME Memory Board Installation (222k) PDI-00740-00, Rev. A02
AM-931 Intelligent Reboot Box (36k) PDI-00931-00, Rev. A01*
AM-3001 Subsystem Installation (418k) PDI-03001-00, Rev. A01
AM-3501 Expansion Subsystem Installation (237k) PDI-03501-00, Rev. A00
AM-3501-01 and AM-905-31 Expansion Subsystem Installation (691k) PDI-03501-01, Rev. A00*
Remote Reset Adapter (6k) PDI-10323-00, Rev. A01*
Notice: Shipping Brace for I/O SIMM Boards (9k) PDI-20791-00, Rev. A01

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Third Party Software Documentation

U.A. Systems Documentation

AlphaLAN 5.0 Release Notes August, 1994: Version A07 (161k)
AlphaLAN 6.0 Release Notes March, 1995: Version A03 (928k)
AlphaLAN 6.1 Release Notes Dec. 1995: Rev 610 (747k)
AlphaLAN 6.2 Release Notes May 1997: Rev 622 (59k)
STEP 6.1 Release Notes Dec. 1995: Rev 610 (743k)
AlphaLAN/FM & STEP/FM 6.1 Release Notes Dec. 1995: Rev 610 (605k)
STEP 6.2 Release Notes May 1997: Rev 622 (24k)
STEP 7.1 Release Notes December 1999 (71k)
STEP 8.0 Release Notes July 2001 (164k)
STEP 9.0 Release Notes February 2005 (163k)
AlphaLAN++ Release Notes February 1999 Version 7.0 (45k)
AlphaLAN++ Release Notes December 1999 Version 7.1 (107k)
AlphaLAN++ 8.0 Release Notes July 2001 Version 8.0 (175k)
AlphaLAN++ 9.0 Release Notes February 2005 Version 9.0 (215k)

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VersiCOMM Documentation

VersiCOMM 3.0A Operation Manual Feb. 1993: COMM 3.0A (883k)
VersiCOMM 3.0A Installation Manual Feb. 1992: COMM 3.0A (202k)
VersiCOMM 3.1 Operation Manual May 1995: COMM 3.1 (1715k)
VersiCOMM 3.1 Installation Manual May 1995: COMM 3.1 (230k)
VersiCOMM-Plus 3.1 Release Notes May 1995: COMM 3.1 (22k)

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